1- Flat Rate ( RM35 per pair)

2- ALL Ready Stock (no need to wait)




-Please double check the order list + information before place orders.
-Does not least to the name / contact lenses color degree / other, adding to unnecessary trouble!
-We will not take the responsibility if contact lenses rupture in the post!
-Once the contact lenses open, we do not accept returned for any reason.
-If you receive the goods, we feel satisfied. Please notice us when goods received.
-If the goods have any problem, you can contact us immediately, we will handle it asap.
-And real goods on the Internet may have poor, those who not rest assured advice do not purchase from us.
-Whether there is any doubt could be to contact and discuss with us. We are willing to solve and handle properly.

-After payment is received, the stock will be send out by the next working day.

1. All lens are original 100% imported from Korea
2. All lens are yearly disposable.
3. Lens are recommended to wear 3months to 6 months. If you want to wear for a year, must soak the lens in the protein regularly.
3. We only provide lenses that has international qualification.
4. Goods sold are not refundable
5. We are not responsible of any problem, infection or any injury of your eyes(BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK)
6. Pictures shown may differ from reality (color effects)
7. We are not responsible if ur item is missing/broken during delivery process

The human eye's surface appears to be round, but in fact the eye is not smooth. 
Each eye is different, so not every style contact lenses are suitable for everyone. 
If you wear contact lenses which had shed tears and other issues, must immediately stop using it. 
In addition, any brand of COLOR LENS use not more than 5 hours per day. 
Even without using the lens daily, must be cleaned every day. 
Wear contact lenses before applying makeup / hair styling products, because even if the hands, and left in hands of the chemical composition of cosmetic products can cause eye irritation. 
Contact lens case must be replaced every month. 
Contact lenses can be worn in a year throw, but suggest that you wear only 3-6 months.

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Order Form

Terms & Conditions
  • Buyer(s) must confirm the product code is correct before submitting the orders. Take note that we’ll not responsible for any incorrect items.
  • Postage is shouldered by buyer(s). Our price list doesn’t include postage.
  • Buyer(s) please take note that there is no refund of buyer(s) made cancellation after Make Payment. Unless is out of stock. Good Sold are not Return or Exchangeable.
  • For those who haven't pay and wish to cancel order pls inform us. DONT just leave the order hanging.
  • Feel SORRY that we're NOT responsible for any loss/damaged goods during shipment of the item(s).
  • Buyer(s) may place your order in our ORDER FORM-Buyer(s) must submit your true name, address, contact number, e-mail for us to keep in touch.
  • Buyer(s) data are confidential in us =)
  • Buyer(s) who decide to place order represents that you agree with the terms and conditions.
  • Please read the 'disclaimer' first.
  • Placing an order indicates that you agreed to this T&C.
  • Finally, for SERIOUS BUYER(s) ONLY! (Do not order if you are not serious in buying. Respect my time.)
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